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PADI Divemaster – Dan Fredericks

PADI Divemaster – Dan Fredericks

Diving Bucket List – PADI Divermaster

Stuck in Phuket due to Covid? Why not cross something off your bucket list and get your Divemaster certification? While not every decision that I made during Covid was a good one, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to do my PADI Divemaster course with Aussie Divers in Phuket. I had been diving with them a few times before, pre-Covid, and always appreciated the customer-first approach that they took, and how seriously they prioritized safety as well. I always felt comfortable and confident while diving with them so I figured there was no better shop to take the first step towards becoming a professional diver with. Becoming a PADI Divemaster had always been a goal of mine so I was excited to finally check that box on my diving resume.

Working with my mentor Ash, along with Darren, Martin, and Tom, I was able to gain a lot of wisdom, experience, and always had fun. Learning how the dive industry worked with such knowledgeable instructors was insightful, and busy. Learning to become a PADI Divemaster is a lot of work, and you take on a lot of responsibility but you also gain a new appreciation for your role as an assistant leader underwater rather than a customer who is just out to have fun. You still get to enjoy all of the best parts of diving in Phuket, but with an added layer of consideration and awareness of what is going on around you at all times. Ensuring that equipment is set up and working properly, talking to customers and getting them excited for the dives or answering questions they might have, and assisting the instructor you’re working with are all part of an average day in the life of a PADI Divemaster.

The confidence that I gained in my own abilities as a diver was worth the price of admission on its own. On top of that however, I got to learn more about teaching a variety of students in different courses, got to learn a lot about how the dive industry in Phuket is run, and got to meet a lot of great people in the wider dive community. The crew at Aussie divers takes their Divemaster training seriously and they have high expectations, while also making sure to have fun and ensure that you will be confident in any situation you may encounter. If you make a mistake they are there to talk you through what went wrong, and how to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Plus, they will never, ever bring it up again… just make sure you never jump in without your weight belt. They were incredibly welcoming, and even on non-diving days I would end up hanging around the shop and having almost as much fun as we would on the days underwater by helping out with whatever I could, and keeping the Aussie Divers cat ‘Doormat’ entertained.

If you’re thinking of doing your PADI Divemaster training in Phuket I would definitely recommend going with Aussie Divers. I had a great time, and will hopefully be back there someday soon once the world goes back to normal to do my PADI IDC with the Aussie Divers owner and course director Darren Gaspari (whether he is prepared for all of my questions or not).

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A Professional IDC With - 'Aussie Divers Phuket'

Lets face facts for a moment, the dive shop & Course Director who teach you to be a Scuba Diving Instructor is one of the most important decisions you make when doing an IDC, be it in Phuket, Thailand, or elsewhere in the world. Names & reputations count for a lot in the scuba industry & if you get it wrong you will spend 3 intimate weeks over your course regretting it. Don't trust your instructor education and future employablility to just anyone, trust it to a world reknown, professional & Five Star PADI Instructor Development Centre like Aussie Divers IDC Phuket, we will ensure you get the best PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor education that money can buy.

Your Course Directors will be with you throughout the IDC & IE, on hand for any and all questions regarding your course. Darren Gaspari is an exceptional dive, sales & business coach who will help you not only become a great dive instructor, but also impart knowledge that will one day be essential to you as a PADI professional who wants to start their own dive centre. Do not hesitate, get a world class dive education today with Aussie Divers IDC Phuket!

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Michael Odendaal – IDC October 2020

I have wanted to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor for a long time, ever since I tried my first dive and instantly fell in love. After that I blazed through my AOW, Rescue and then did a DM internship. Fast forward 4 years of being stuck in an office in Europe, and I was very eager to finally become an Instructor and get back in the water. I was looking at a lot of places all over the world and even other places in Thailand, before finding Aussie Divers. After reading some of the reviews and having a look at the package deals they had available, I decided to reach out for some more information. From how helpful and profe [...]

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John – PADI IDC March 2023

From the moment I decided to pursue the dream of becoming a PADI Instructor, Aussie Divers Phuket demonstrated their unwavering commitment to providing a comprehensive and professional training experience. The team's dedication to excellence was evident from the very beginning, as they guided me through the enrollment process with efficiency and clear communication. Throughout the PADI IDC, the instructors exhibited a remarkable depth of knowledge and expertise, and their passion for diving was truly inspiring. The course content was presented in a clear and engaging manner, ensuring that I grasped the essential concepts and skills req [...]

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The Best Instructor Development Center In Thailand

Here at Aussie Divers IDC Phuket we do not worry about the number of divers or IDC candidates we have, we worry exclusively about the quality of your education, be it one person or many, you'll never feel abandoned or bored when training, working or diving with us. Maintaining relationships before during and after any courses done with us is what Aussie Divers is all about. To help manage such a huge base of divers & industry professionals we built this diver network, connecting on every social media platform we can think of coupled with extremely helpful blog articles, to keep you engaged & to keep you engaged with us for the entirety of your diving career!