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PADI IDC Phuket December 2022 – Rob Seavey

PADI IDC Phuket December 2022 – Rob Seavey

Looking For The Best IDC in Phuket, Thailand?

If you are looking for a place in Phuket, Thailand to complete your PADI IDC (instructor development course), look no further. Darren, is both the owner of Aussie Divers Phuket – PADI 5 Star IDC and the in-house PADI Course Director. He has a million stories, and the classes are always entertaining. He is basically the PADI poster child, so if you want to learn “the PADI way” and why they do things the way they do, he is a walking PADI encyclopedia.

What sets Darren apart, however, is that he CARES about you and your future in the industry. I nearly walked away from training due to some personal issues mid-course. Darren professionally took me to the side and, rather than giving me a talking to, offered advice on both a personal and professional level. The words that stuck with me were, “I want to see you finish what you started!”

Darren will be there on the day of your PADI Instructor Exam (PADI IE). Let’s be honest, the PADI grading system is a bit subjective. Have you ever walked away from a critique thinking, “That was a bit nit-picky?” Well, you won’t have to keep that opinion to yourself, because Darren will be the one saying it for you! Haha! He’s a great guy with a good mind for business and a soft heart.

The rest of the Aussie Divers Phuket staff are also amazing! Ash (PADI Master Instructor) could easily own his own shop, but he puts in extra effort and hours to keep everyone happy! Guy, Martin, Franc, and Chris are all wonderful PADI instructors and guides, and those are just the ones I got to work with. To be honest, Darren only hires the best talent, so whomever you get as your guide or instructor, rest assured you’re in excellent hands!

If you’re looking to do your PADI IDC in Thailand then I would definitely recommend doing your PADI IDC in Phuket with Aussie Divers! Darren and the rest of the Aussie Divers Phuket staff will make it feel like a walk in the park (with an old friend)!

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Living The Dream After Instructor Graduation

Finding work after becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor can sometimes be a daunting task, you are competing against people with much more experience who have been working in the industry longer. The best thing about doing your Instructor Course in Phuket is that there is almost always work for new instructors and Aussie Divers will help you to get it. We have awesome and varied post graduation programs, ranging from 'Ride Alongs' with our elite instructors to instructor internships where experience & responsibility can be had in real world environments with real customers, getting you the qualifications & certifications you need to be attractive to employers.

The absolute best way to ensure employability after you graduate to a fully fledged (OWSI) Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor is to continue your training with PADI, especially when it comes to the PADI instructor specialties we teach here at Aussie Divers. Once you have five Instructor specialties under your belt you will become an M.S.D.T or Master Scuba Diver Trainer, which looks much better on your diving resume'. Specialties include being able to teach the PADI Deep Diver (40m), Enriched Air Nitrox, PADI Wreck Diver, Sidemount Diver, Digital Underwater Photographer courses, plus many many more!

Instructor Specialty Courses
PADI Enriched Air Course Aussie Divers Instructor Specialties

Essential Specialization for Dive Instructors

As a scuba diving instructor, expanding your skill set and knowledge base with specialty instructor ratings is crucial for professional growth and enhancing your diving career. While the PADI organization offers a wide range of specialties to choose from, one that stands out as both intellectually stimulating and practically valuable is the PADI Enriched Air Specialty Instructor rating. In this blog post, we will explore why becoming an Enriched Air Specialty Instructor is considered the most sought-after and rewarding specialization within the PADI system. If you book a Package Deal with Aussie Divers Phuket for your IDC, we throw in [...]

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Aussie Divers: Diving Job placement with your PADI IDC in Phuket

Aussie Divers in Phuket is run manage and owned by active PADI Course Directors and PADI Instructors, so we know and understand the importance to be guided in the beginning of your new career as a PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor. The advantage to starting your career in the dive industry, it’s there are so many opportunities, it’s a young industry so not enough staff in almost any position especially as a PADI Instructor or Divemaster. When looking for diving job placement the first thing you have to do it’s to prepare a Dive CV which we will collaborate together. One of the main advantage to be a PADI member it’s y [...]

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10 Things You Can Do to Make Your IDC Easier

Here are a few tips to help you get through you Instructor Development Course. These are not tips to do when you arrive. They are to help you prepare BEFORE you arrive. Many candidates arrive unprepared and can struggle through the course. The IDC is not a course where you are taught the basics again, there simply will not be time. It is a course where you learn to teach. Here are some tips that will make your IDC easier. PADI assumes that you retained everything that you have learnt in your previous courses, Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water Course, Rescue Course and Divemaster course. The IDC is not the time to learn how to d [...]

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The Best Instructor Development Center In Thailand

Here at Aussie Divers IDC Phuket we do not worry about the number of divers or IDC candidates we have, we worry exclusively about the quality of your education, be it one person or many, you'll never feel abandoned or bored when training, working or diving with us. Maintaining relationships before during and after any courses done with us is what Aussie Divers is all about. To help manage such a huge base of divers & industry professionals we built this diver network, connecting on every social media platform we can think of coupled with extremely helpful blog articles, to keep you engaged & to keep you engaged with us for the entirety of your diving career!