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Tips on the IDC Confined Water / Open Presentations

Tips on the IDC Confined Water / Open Presentations

Tips on the IDC Confined Water & Open Presentations

In Water IDC/IE Presentations

Tips on the IDC Confined Water Presentation there are two in water components of you PADI Instructor Examination. They will be 1: a single skill confined water presentation conducted in a swimming pool and 2: one open water presentation containing two different skills and this will be conducted in open water.

In confined water (pool) will teach a group (other I.E Candidates) how to do a skill from the confined water section of the PADI Open Water Course.

Presentation Slates

PADI make this presentation quite easy for you as you will be provided with a preparation slate in your PADI IDC slate pack. You will hear these words frequently during your IDC, follow the slate and read the slate.

This being said, the mother of all tips on the IDC Confined Water Presentation is;


Please do not try and memorise these presentations. PADI make this slate of plastic so you can take it in the water with you, so use it. You will not get any extra marks for not using the slate and more often than not if you don’t use the guide you will forget something.

As previously mentioned, it is my preference not to have an introduction i.e “hello my name is… I am your PADI Instructor and I am going to teach you….”. If you are teaching a hover from Confined Water 4, I am pretty sure your student knows who you are at this stage. Simply start by saying “The next skill is…”. This may change with different PADI Course Directors.

New to the 2020 version of the PADI Instructor Examinations you may or may not be allocated an assistant for the skill. Previously the instructor always had an assistant.

Additional Tips on the IDC Confined Water Presentation

There is no need to discuss dive site, water conditions, temperature, visibility, entry and exit techniques. You will do this in real life however for the purpose of the I.E it is not necessary.

Technically there are no demonstration in open water for the PADI Open Water Course. However in the 2020 version you may be asked to demonstrate some skills underwater from continuing education courses. You can however do a demonstration during the briefing i.e knot tying, compass skills or you can even do dry mask demonstrators.

PADI IDC Confined Water Aussie Divers

PADI IDC Confined Water Aussie Divers

Let’s go Through this Slate


Simply the skill that you are about to teach.

Performance Requirement/Objective:

Find the relative skill on your PADI Confined Water slates. On the back of the corresponding slate there will be a description of the skill and performance requirement.

Tip: Read that description verbatim. PADI have taken time to right if for you, you take the time to read it exactly how they wrote it.


A very short reason why this skills is valuable. My basic rules are; If it is a buoyancy skills, the value is that you don’t break coral. Mask skills, regulator skills are simply done so you do note have to go to the surface and continue the dive.

Tip: Keep this short, only one and not multiple values and I love to hear the work “safely” in the value.


Description of the skill

Be methodical thorough in your description however also realise that it is a briefing as well.

It is important also to realise where the skills is in the scheme of things. If you are doing partial mask from Confined Water 1, you would be very descriptive on how to clear the water from the mask. However if you have No Mask Swim from Confined Water 4 and they have already completed Full Mask Flood and Mask Remove and Replace and No Mask for 1 minute, you could assume that they know how to clear a mask by that stage, you could say, replace and clear the mask.

You can do a dry run demonstration when doing the briefing. This is a good time to also incorporate signals into your briefing. If you do this when you come to the next section you may need to just say, “additional signals are….”.

PADI Course Director Staff Instructor

PADI Course Director Staff Instructor


Priority Signal #1: “My signal for this skill is…”.

Follow that by with signals that are relevant to this skill.

Again, remember where you are in the scheme of things. If you are doing a skill in Confined Water 4 or 5, there is no reason to go over OK, go up, go down and slow down again. Stick to relevant signals. If the skills is from Confined Water 1, then yes you may want to remind the student of some of those signals.

Priority Signals #2: Have signals for your anticipated and perceived faults. Often when students make a mistake the instructor does not have a signal to correct it.


Describe where in the pool the skill will be done, where the students will be, where the divemaster (assistant) will be if you have one and where you will be.

Demonstration Reminders

These are small things you need to remind students. It could be a time reminder 30 or 60 seconds. A one breathe reminder for the CESA or no sculling during a hover.

Problem Solving

Anticipated: It is vital when teaching a skill that you anticipate a problem. This is what makes good instructor good. You will find a list in your PADI Guide to Teaching. Have a list of anticipated problems on your teaching slate. Have correction signals for those problems.

Occurred: You can write those problems down when they occur. It will help with your debriefing.

Don’t forget the main tips on the IDC Confined Water Presentation


PADI CESA Training Aussie Divers Phuket

PADI CESA Training Aussie Divers Phuket


Learn these lines verbatim:

“I really the way you/both/all remembered to … however I did see one of you… and one of you do … and one do ….. I recommend that next time you …. and you …… So now you know how to perform (performance requirement) and the value of that is……

Positive Encouragement; “I really the way you/both/all remembered to … This must be an aspect of the skill, not I really liked the you sat in the corner quietly.
Problems Occurred: however I did see one of you… and one of you do …
Solution: I recommend that next time you …. and you ……
Reinstate performance requirement/objective: So now you know how to perform (performance requirement)
Reinstate value and the value of: that is……

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